Minimum Wage Wines. The good, the bad and maybe the ugly.

Posted: November, 2014

Most of us work hard, at the end of it all we want to treat ourselves to something. Me, I like wine. Wine comes at many prices, but not everyone can afford to pay top prices for a bottle. So, I ask what can an hours pay buy you? Minimum wage is currently £6.50 an hour, so how good of a wine can you get for one hours labour.

Over the course of the next few months I will be trying various wines sourced from local shops and supermarkets all priced under £6.50. I will share with you the price, where I got it from, if it was bought at RRP or reduced and most importantly, if it’s any good. Of course, it will be purely my own opinion, but I invite you all to try for yourselves.

I will be sampling different wines from different parts of the world. Some will perhaps be recognisable and bought from eye level, others from that bottom shelf where few dare go. I will rate them against the price I pay for value for money and quaffability.